Artifact ID

T2009.002.198 Glove.  This item appears to be a garden glove that has been retrofitted with strips of fabric sewn on to each fingertip and attached to a band at the other end.  Maybe some type of restraint device?  Does anyone have any idea what this was used for or where in the hospital?  Leave a comment below.

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30 06 2012
Tim Yeager

My guess is that it may be a crude form of mitten used to help keep patients from scratching at themselves.

31 07 2012
Eric Erickson

This glove was possibly adapted by the occupational therapy department to assist the patient in holding onto an object such as a rake of hoe. Eric Erickson, Black River Falls, WI

29 10 2012
A. Knowland

i agree, I worked at FTC, and seen many devices to help in various tasks.

9 08 2012
My Best Guess

Perhaps once your hand is inside of it, the fingers can be folded down against the palm and the strap fastens back around the wrist keeping a patient from grabbing out at staff or peers. An ambulatory restraint of sorts?

9 09 2012

It was used on there hands they put their hands in and it was straped around the bed. It was used mainly when the patients were given shock therapy.

23 01 2013

it was a restraint devie, it was used in more then one way, it could strap the hands to the bed, or the gurney, depends on were they are, the most commen was tho when they were walking, they would fold the fingers down and tie the straps of fabric around the wrist tightley so the fingers couldent unfold

29 01 2013

Since it is not fastened at the wrist, and wouldn’t be of any use on its own, it would be effective only when another wrist restraint was already being used. (That is, if it’s a restraint at all!) Perhaps a particular patient had the habit of scratching at his or her own skin when being restrained, and this could be used to prevent it? There’s probably not many of them if that’s the case!

29 01 2013

Oh, I didn’t see that it could go around your wrist! I think ‘my best guess’ has it!

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