The Matron, 1908

20 06 2012

The following was published in By Laws of Trustees Rules and Regulations for the Government of the Oregon State Insane Asylum,revised April 15, 1908.

Article V.


Section 1:  The matron shall, under the direction of the superintendent, have charge of the female department of the asylum.  She shall have a general supervision of the sewing department.  She shall be with the female patients in all the wards as much as possible; see that they are kindly treated; that their food is properly cooked, served and distributed; that their apartments are kept clean and in good order, and properly warmed and ventilated; that the female employees attend to their duties in all respects, and report to the superintendent any departure on their part from the rules and regulations of the institution.

Oregon State Insane Asylum Staff, 1908-1910

22 12 2011

The following is a transcribed staff list from the Biennial Report of the Oregon State Insane Asylum for the Biennium covering the years 1908 -1910.  The list includes information on staff members, their positions, and monthly salary.  Also cross-referenced, is the 1910 Federal Census shows the marital status, age in 1910 and birthplace of some of the staff members.

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Staff, 1903

28 12 2010

The following is a schedule of monthly wages for employees at the Oregon State Insane Asylum (OSIA).  The schedule was adopted by the Board of Trustees of OSIA, April 1, 1903.[1]  For a little perspective, the average household income in the U.S. in 1901 was $62.50 a month [2] and $1.00 in 1903 is worth $25.20 in today’s money.[3]

Laundry workers at OSIA, Oregon State Archives OSH0012


Bookkeeper 100.00 Stableman 35.00
Stenographer 50.00 Musicians Left to Superintendent
Steward 80.00 Engineer 100.00
Dept. Overseer 75.00 Asst. Engineer 35.00
Commissary 60.00 Carpenter 60.00
Basementman 45.00 Asst. Carpenter 45.00
Supervisor 60.00 Plumber 55.00
Night Watchman 60.00 Blacksmith 45.00
Porter 35.00 Tinner 45.00
Portress 30.00 Mason Plasterer 50.00
Chief Cook 75.00 Painter 40.00
Cook & Baker Cottage Farm 70.00 Shoemaker 45.00
1st Asst. Cook 40.00 Tailor 45.00
2nd Asst. Cook 35.00 Seamstress 30.00
Baker 60.00 Laundryman 45.00
Can Washer 35.00 Asst. Laundryman 37.50
Table Girl 25.00 Laundress 37.50
Farmer 60.00 Druggist 50.00
Gardner, Farmer 50.00 Matron 50.00
Gardner, Landscape 40.00 Night Attendants (male) 40.00
Farm Help 25.00 Night Attendants (female) 40.00
Dairyman 40.00 Attendants (Male) 42.50
Hackman 35.00 Attendants (Female) 40.00

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