Bird’s Eye View

9 04 2012

T2009.002.427.109 Aerial Photograph, Oregon State Hospital, sometime between 1951 and 1973.  Photograph from the collections of the Oregon State Hospital.  Image is taken from the southwestern corner facing towards the northeast.  The large white building at the center is the so-called “J-Building” owing to its shape like the letter “J.”  Today the stem of that “J” has been demolished leaving the oldest part of the building, a “U” shaped section often referred to as the “Kirkbride U”.


1917 View of the OSH Campus

14 09 2010

Hand drawn schematic of the Oregon State Hospital Campus found in a Daybook with information dating October 31,1917-November 6, 1918 with transcription below.  The drawing illustrates the “J-Building” and other out buildings.  (T2009.002.409)