Oregon Hospital for the Insane Description, 1868

5 09 2012

Listen to the 1868 report of visiting physician Dr. J.S. Giltner to the Oregon Hospital for the Insane in Portland. The Oregon Hospital for the Insane was a private hospital run by Drs. Hawthorne and Loreya in Portland, Oregon from 1861-1883. They contracted with the State of Oregon for the care of people diagnosed with insanity prior to the creation of the Oregon State Hospital in Salem.

We are experimenting with the idea of using a combination of QR codes and YouTube videos to create audio features in the exhibit spaces.  This is our first attempt.  Let us know what you think below.

Museum Taking Shape

21 08 2012

Ward Hall Exhibit taking shape

Cataloging Update

30 07 2012

The Oregon State Hospital Museum received a matching grant from the Oregon Heritage Commission for materials to aid in cataloging and rehousing artifacts at the Oregon State Hospital.  We turned in our interim grant report today with the results of the cataloging efforts.  To date we have cataloged over 4423 individual items representing 522 different types of materials.  These include everything from chairs (44) to alarms (3) to theracycles (2).

The grant has allowed the museum to purchase PastPerfect museum software, an electronic database which will allow us to track individual items.  The database now has records* for:

  • 1508 Objects
  • 93 Photos
  • 219 Archival Collections
  • 162 Library Materials

Each record has space for us to attach a photo of the material and fields to track size, medium, type, creator, place of origin, etc.  The great part about this database is that we can also tag records with different categories and names, which will make finding materials for exhibits and research much easier.

The second half of the grant project includes purchasing archival quality storage materials to help us rehouse the collections and preserve them for future generations.  This will mean replacing the wadded newspaper used to quickly pack materials before the building was torn down.

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Help Us Envision the New Museum

9 05 2012

The Board of Directors of the Oregon State Hospital Museum will be meeting to talk about the future of the museum in the coming weeks. Help us understand what you would like to see as part of the museum by filling out this survey.  (click on the “read more” link to take the survey). Read the rest of this entry »

Television Unveiled

16 04 2012

At the last museum board meeting, this newly restored television set was presented.  The television appeared in the baseball scene of the film “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” where the character McMurphy famously announces the game watching its blank screen.  Recovered from the trash after the filming, the television was donated to the museum for use in its displays. Read the rest of this entry »

Museum this Way

20 06 2011

Museum preparations are in full swing, with our tentative opening set for May of next year (2012).  The hospital has gotten a head start on us, installing these great directional signs to lead people from the parking lot to the museum’s future home in the Kirkbride building that can be seen in the distance.

Come Visit Us at Cooke Stationary

13 06 2011

The museum will have a display up in the window of Cooke Stationary (370 State Street) in downtown Salem during the month of June.  Come get a taste of what the museum will be like when it opens in May 2012. Read the rest of this entry »