Artifact ID

A series of these mystery objects were found at OSH.  Do you know what it is, what it does or where it might have been used in the hospital?  Leave a comment below.


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8 10 2011
Linda Kincaid Adams

It would appear to be some sort of measurement of some sort.

27 10 2011

Those look like shirt collar measurements from a bygone era. Men’s collars *start* at size 14-1/2 these days

30 10 2011
Capital Taps

How about sizing for the “Oregon Boot”? Collar forms, though, looks like a good guess! Maybe for detachable collars – was this a cottage industry for patients of OSH and inmates at OSP?

7 11 2011
d davis

Looks like cuff and neck measurements guides for the straightjackets, white coats, pants and overalls that were made by patients at the old Oregon State Hospital in Pendleton Oregon. My mom had a friend who’s kids committed her there (30 day minimum stay) in the late 1960’s who we’d go to visit. Lots of women we saw there were unattended women, in wheel chairs, others feeling their way along the walls talking or crying out loud. Many of those poor ladies were not taken to the restroom often enough, guess it took less labor to just mop the floor and throw another garmet on them.

7 11 2011

I really should have put a scale in the photo. The largest diameter on these is about 2.5-3 inches, which may be a little small for a cuff or collar.

8 11 2011
'Mark Shc Wiseman

These are “penis gauges” used by staff to measure the diameter of a patient’s erection. As late as the 1990’s, OSH’s sex-offender treatment program was touted as being “one of the best in the nation.” Patients who were “sex offenders” were commonly made to watch slide-shows and listen to audio tapes of “deviant sexual stimuli,” for the purpose of recording their sexual arousal patterns. Nevermind that they were made to look at images recovered by the Oregon State Police of actual victims of sexual abuse, or the fact that patients were routinely exposed to vivid descriptions of other patients’ sexual crimes which were often times worse than their own.

In there, a “sex-offender” could be anyone from the guy who got high on crack and ran down the street naked once or twice while he was completely out of his mind, to the predatory pedophile and rapists with dozens to hundreds of “hands-on victims;” they are all lumped into the same category together, and treated as pariahs – “Public Enemy #1.” This might sound bizarre, but In some cases, the “cure” ended up causing more harm to the “perpetrators” than the original offenses caused to their victims.

2 01 2012
Wendy Lawrence

Mark is right. I used to work on the sex offender ward and they used these measuring tools with a device called a plethismograph to determine if an offender was sexually aroused when shown an inappropriate photo. This did not turn out to be an effective method of deterring sexual deviance and it’s use was short lived.

30 01 2012
tia Sampair

Used for measure cervical dilation?

9 02 2012
Luis Gomez

It reminds me of the device jewelers use to meaure rings. It must have been used to measure an opening or some sort of ring. Dont see how you could measure a penis with such a device. Cervical measure makes more sense but the angles are a bit sharp for such device.

17 03 2012

What is this…. balderdash?

31 03 2012

I completed some research on the history of criminology and came across some information that showed that studies were conducted at the Oregon State Hospital in the early 1900’s to verify “stigmata of degeneration.” Basically these studies were done to see if the criminally insane had physical characteristics different from sane people. Parts of bodies were measured and charted. Maybe these was used in the measuring process?

12 04 2012
hey zeus

Looks like a hole sizer used to determine the right drill bit. The numbers don’t seem to match inch or mm diameter, so maybe just drill bit sizes 13, 13.5, etc

But what is it made of- aluminum? Isn’t that a newer metal produced mostly after WW II?

2 05 2012
hiz girl

r they weights?

7 05 2012
Rob Wheeler

Looks like a neck band sizing jig.
On an other note: I just bought a 1962 Metro van that was owned by the EOSH. I wounder if there is any way to get any info about this van. It had shelves on one side and a heavy duty bench on the other. Id like to get a copy of the official logo. All that is left on my truck is a little bunch of arrows. Any info would be appreciated. Is there an old many since man still around? Thanks Rob.

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