Bakery Report, 1926

12 03 2012

This report was published in the 22nd Biennial Report of the Oregon State Hospital to the Oregon State Board of Control for the years 1924-1926.

Ovens at OSIA, Oregon State Archives Photo


This department is operated by one employe [sic] and eight patients;  its function is to supply the entire institution with bread, pastry, etc.  During the biennium it has required approximately 4,900 barrels of flour to do this.  The requirements of the institution for two years are approximately 620,000 loaves of bread, 418,000 biscuits, 12,480 pies, 4,200 12×24-inch pans of ginger bread, 78,000 cookies, 73,000 doughnuts and 2,100 loaf cakes.



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