DeWitt’s Hair Dressing

12 09 2011

This bottle of DeWitt’s Fragrant Hair Dressing was found in a box of old medicine bottles from the Eastern Oregon State Hospital.

E.C. DeWitt & Company was in operation as early as 1906.  Trademark records show that a logo similar to that of the one on this bottle was registered in 1908.  The registration claims that the first use of this image was in June of 1906.[1]  The publication of the National Association of Retail Druggists include advertisements for the E.C. Dewitt & Company the 1913 issue.[2]  They appear to be directly distributing patent medicines like:

  • Little Early Risers
  • Witch Hazel Salve
  • One Minute Cough Cure
  • Kennedy’s Laxative Honey and Tar
  • Kodel Dyspepsia Cure

to retailers across the country.[3]

And while we were somewhat tempted, we didn’t open it to see just how fragrant it was.

Trademark registered 1908.

[1] Trademark of sun with rays over mountains. Filed 1908-01-02; first use 1906-06-15 by E.C. Dewitt & Company No. 203-204 La Salle Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.

[2] NARD notes, Volume 16 and by National Association of Retail Druggists.




2 responses

9 07 2012
Dee Lyons

Just found an old glass De Witt bottle in Australia and am trying to figure out what was in it…another website informs of other products such as ‘DeWitt’s Cough Syrup Bottle’, ‘DeWitt’s Headache Tablets’, ‘DeWitt’s Rheumatic Pills’ and ‘Dewitt’s Man-Zan’ for haemorrhoids. Taken from–health/topics/tonics-and-curatives/images.aspx?view=advertisement-for-de-witts

14 07 2012

I have a bottle of De Witt’s diuretic pills. The label says that they will turn your urine blue due to the ingredients in the pills. According to the label a branch was based in St Kilda Melbourne at the time.

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