OSH Cottage Architect Makes Mark on Salem

26 06 2011

A post on the Capital Taps Blog recently featured an article on Louis Hazeltine, an architect responsible for the design and furnishing the “Physicians’ Cottages” at the Oregon State Hospital.

At the start of the Oregon State Hospital Replacement project, there were 21 cottages along the southern edge of the hospital campus (see map here.)  A fixed asset ledger from the Oregon State Hospital indicates that the earliest of these cottages (1 and 2) were built in 1909, with brick garages added in 1946.[1]   These appear to be the only ones built prior to the 1911 article quoted.

In addition to his work on the cottages, Hazeltine was responsible for the design and renovation of other Salem landmarks, including the Bligh Theater building and Hotel Marion.

Read the article on Hazeltine here:  http://capitaltaps.blogspot.com/2011/06/louis-hazeltine-bligh-theater-architect.html.

The following is information on the other cottages as put down in the Fixed Asset Ledger (T2011.002.043), dating probably sometime between 1947 and 1960.

Building Year Built Type Resident*
Cottage No. 1 1909 Frame
Cottage No. 1 Garage 1946 Brick
Cottage No. 2 1909 Frame Supt
Cottage No. 2 Garage 1946 Brick
Cottage No. 3 1942 Frame Dentist
Cottage No. 3 Garage 1942 Frame
Cottage No. 4 1942 Frame Clinical Director
Cottage No. 4 Garage 1942 Frame
Cottage No. 5 1941 Frame Chief Engineer
Cottage No. 5 Garage 1941 Frame
Savage Cottage No. 7 & 9 1928 Brick, Frame (Phys & Steward)
Cottage No. 8 1928 Frame Asst. Phys.
Garage (3 Stall) Cottage 7,8,9 1928 Frame
Cottage No. 11 1938 Frame Asst Supt.
Cottage No. 11 Garage 1938 Frame
Cottage No. 12 1940 Frame Phys. Cottage
Cottage No. 12 Garage 1940 Frame
Cottage No. 14 1945 Frame Phys. Cottage
Cottage No. 15 1946 Frame Phys. Cottage
Cottage No. 16 1946 Frame Phys. Cottage
Cottage No. 17 4/30/1948-6/30/1951 Frame
Cottage No. 18 4/30/1948-6/30/1951 Frame
Cottage No. 19 3/31/1950-8/31/1951 Frame
Cottage No. 20 3/31/1950-8/31/1951 Frame
Cottage No. 21 7/31/1951-11/30/1952 Frame
Cottage No. 22 7/31/1951-11/30/1952 Frame
Cottage No. 23 1952 Frame Physician’s Cottage
Cottage No. 24 w/Garage 1954 Frame
Cottage No. 25 1958? Frame
Cottage No. 26 1958? Frame
Cottage No. 27 1958? Frame
Cottage No. 28 w/Garage 1958? Frame

*Records do not indicate at what time period the position was resident in the cottage.  As evidenced from the number of entries crossed out (reproduced here), there were many changes.

[1] T2011.002.043. Fixed Asset Ledger.  From OSH Business Office.




4 responses

26 06 2011
Capital Taps

Oh, this asset ledger is great info! That’s good to know there were only two cottages completed before 1911.

12 07 2011

Is the picture of Oregan State Hospital, it is amazing to think that these were built in stages.

18 07 2011

Yes, the image is of one of the first two cottages built on the grounds of the Oregon State Hospital. Here is the photo source, from the Oregon State Archives posted on the Salem Public Library historic photos database: http://photos.salemhistory.net/cdm/singleitem/collection/orarc/id/322/rec/3.

20 08 2011
Jayme Stevens

Does anyone know the name of the tree in front of cottage 11 that looks like a shell, it’s got leaves on the top and the underside does not.

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