Night Watch, 1920

4 04 2011

The following is an entry from the Night Watch Log Book (T2011.002.021) for the night of February 4-5, 1920.  The entry has a listing of hourly water pressure readings (not included in the transcription), presumably from the hospital boiler.  The night shift ran from 7 pm to 7 am and the reporter had duties that ranged from checking on patients to getting fires started for the upcoming morning activities.

7:00 PM  On Duty
7:15 PM  Chas Lofstedt brought in by Police.  Taken to Ward 3 and put to bed after giving   him Hot Bath.
7:30 PM  Gave CE Williams Hypo 1/4 Morph
8:15 PM  Made Basement Ward 19
8:45 PM  Made 3 flats.  Quiet.
9:00 PM  In Centre
10:10PM  Made Rear of Buildings
10:30PM  In Centre
12:00AM  Supper
12:30AM  In Centre
12:30AM  C.E. Williams died Ward C
1:45 AM  Assisted to take above to Morgue
2:05 AM  Made 3 flats. Quiet.
3:30 AM  Lit Gas
4:00 AM  Made two fires.
4:10 AM  Made rear of building
4:30 AM  Made Ward C. Quiet.
4:45 AM  Made Ward 19. Quiet.

Basement floor under Ward C and A Flooded with water outside Elevator

–[Signed] Leonard



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5 04 2011

Take a look at what happened during the 1920’s. It sure helps to have heat the modern way. We dont always think about it, but the night shift can have many responsibilities, unknown to many, when necessary. It is often a calm shift, while some needs are to prepare for morning.

4 07 2012
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[…] occurring during the night, and enter the same on a a slate or book provided for the purpose [see example of book here], and he shall report any irregularities, neglect of duty or violation of rules which may come […]

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