Asylum Report, 1897

15 12 2010

The following report was printed in the Salem-based  Capital Journal  newspaper April 6, 1897.  The author is particularly impressed by the productiveness of the Asylum Farms in the winter months.  Spelling is kept intact.


Files Its Monthly Report

Remarkable Facts that Prove Possibilities of Our Climate

The monthly report of Supt. Paine of the Oregon State Insane Asylum is summarized below.  It shows one insane patient for each 350 to 360 population.  But differing from practice of eastern states, Oregon does not return the incurables to the counties they come from.  The persons properly to be classed as insane are probably not over one in 500 or 600, if the custom of other states prevailed.

The report of the steward of products of the garden and dairy, and the the the showing of farming operations for January, February and March is also remarkable, and real estate agents had better sucure a certified copy from the office of the secretary of state before sending it to states where anything is frozen up all winter.

Report for March

Patients, Feb. 28


Received March


Total Treated


Discharged Cured


Discharged Improved


Discharged Much Improved


Discharged not improved


Discharged not Insane


Expense for month



Farm Report
For the quarter ending March 31, 1897, products of garden and dairy:

Eggs, 315 Dozen
Milk, 10,176 Gallons
Horse Radish, grated, 14 Gallons
Parsnips, 154 Bushels
Laundry Soap, 18,000 lbs.
Rhubarb, 90 lbs.
Oyster plant, 375 Bunches
Lettuce, 900 Bunches
Green Onions, 10 Bunches
Cords Wood Cut, 473 Cords
Cords Wood 14, 16, and 24 in., 115 Cords
Pole Oak, 400 Cords
Wood hauled, 117 Loads
Manure hauled, 80 loads
Acres plowed, 201
Acres grubbed, 11
Acres brushed, 10
Planted to potoatoes, peas, radishes, etc., 6 acres
Strawberries set out, 1 acre
Fruit trees set, 28 acres
Blackberry plants set, 1200
Young calves, 37
Young Pigs, 77
Veal killed, 26, 2887 lbs.
Hogs killed, 49, 10,477 lbs.
                               -G.W. Handsaker, Steward




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