Then and Now

16 06 2010
Remnants of the past, you can still find several stone pillars used to support gates on the grounds today. There are pairs standing at the corner of Center and 24th streets (see below) and a pair at the corner 24th and Greenway Drive.

Gates at Oregon State Hospital, date unknown. Probably located at intersection of Center and 23rd Streets.

What remains of a pair of gates on the State Hospital Grounds on the corner of Center and 24th Streets, 2010.




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4 07 2010
Capital Taps

Forgot to ask…Bonnie Hull’s got this note about Lord & Schryver and plane trees. I was strolling through the State Hospital grounds and saw some plane trees of the same vintage as the ones at the Courthouse and North High. Do you know if they were involved in the landscaping at the hospital?

4 07 2010

That seems to be the question of the hour. I have not come across anything pointing to a connection between the OSH grounds and Lord & Schryver. I’ll look forward to seeing if Bonnie has come across anything!

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