MHP Mystery

28 12 2009

Mysterious tag found on several objects in the collection.

Several items inventoried have tags on them, like those in the picture above,  that read “MHP Collection.”  Does anyone know anything about these tags or what “MHP” stands for? 

Four items have been found so far with this tag on them.  These include: 

  • Krasno-Ivy Flicker Photometer made by the Clinical Instruments Co.
  • Electro-Shock Therapy Apparatus
  • GE Cardioscribe
  • Framed photograph of unidentified building (see image below)


Photo of the Eastern Oregon State Hospital (T2009.002.197). This framed photo also bears the mysterious MHP tag.






7 responses

28 01 2010

A big thanks to U of O graduate student Tim and OSH Museum volunteer Sarah for identifying the photo of the Eastern Oregon State Hospital in Pendelton, Oregon (see above image).

19 03 2010
Richard Pine

I think MHP stands for Mental Health Prison.

Other ideas: Mental Health Program, Mental Health Professional

22 04 2010

I think it could stand for Master of Health Physics, if this is the case then it could be that they

26 04 2010

were part of a supply belonging to the department within OHSU? Just a thought

1 12 2011

Some other suggestions:
Multnomah Hospital- Psychiatric,
Multnomah Hospital Property
Multnomah History Project (I think a big clue is that the word “collection” is used, so someone was putting things in some kind of context )

Do you know when the tags were made for the items ? That might help narrow the vernacular or common words of an era.

Of course, it could just be someone’s initials ?

1 12 2011

… Marquam Hill P? …

8 01 2013

Maybe it means Mental Hospital Pendleton Collection…. to be collected and shipped there. Or was borrowed from them. Since one item is a picture of that facility…

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