Thera Cycle

25 09 2009


Two of these machines have been found.  They are primarily stationary bikes, but the pedals drive a belt that appears to run a scroll or jig saw mounted on a platform where the handle bars would traditionally be.  The brand or model name “Thera Cycle” is cast into the “U-shaped” bracket support that extends out to the front of the machine, opposite the seat.  The machines are both painted red and black, have wooden adjustable seats and are missing the saw blades. 

Here are the questions we are hoping someone out there might be able to help us answer:

  • How was this machine used in the hospital?
  • When was it used?
  • Where was it used?
  • Is it a commerically mass-produced product or a custom design?
Detail view of saw mechanism.  Both machines are missing their saw blades.

Detail view of saw mechanism. Both machines are missing their saw blades.



3 responses

26 12 2009
Calvin Patterson

The overall design of these tools remains the same, but, I would think, most are “custom” designed by an individual or a shop seeing as how it would be difficult to ship or transport something that size which probably wasn’t of common use unless you had a facility (like OSH) which might need such a tool. Unless you could find an identifying mark or patent number on it, I’d say it was “custom” made.

This website has alot of interesting antique tools including some pedal powered saws similar to the OSH saw:

12 08 2012
Robert Quinn

This is most likely not a custom made machine, as I found one here in Michigan. These were most likely made for rehabilitation / occupational therapy. Shipping these would not be that difficult as it all comes apart except for the frame. A handy scroll saw to have and safer than an electric one since it only moves if you pedal.

30 07 2012
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